Nine Meals To Anarchy: Grid Down

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Front-NineMealsToAnarchy781-GriDown-Amazon1000This is the second book in the dramatic Nine Meals To Anarchy saga. Terrorists have attacked the electrical grid in the United States.  The terrorists destroyed some of America’s largest power sub stations, large power plants, placed strategic bombs on hydroelectric plants, bombed several strategic dams, and causing several of the nation’s nuclear power plants to meltdown or go offline by attacking their water sources for cooling the reactors.  Crippling the nations power grid.

The government immediately enacted martial law to control the citizens and seeing an immediate food crisis looming the President quickly decided to invoke his powers of Executive Privilege to rewrite laws and make all the nations military resources available to gather information on citizens.   He immediately made all water and food in private hands the property of the federal government.    Allowing every federal agency to search and seize at will and make hoarding against the law.

The NSA provided lists to FEMA and the U.S. Marshall’s of all the online Prepper group’s members and provided lists of those who made large preparedness food purchases of three months or more.  Going door to door they confiscated food from citizens who had thought ahead to protect their families.

The U.S. Marshall’s raided the facilities of those companies that built underground shelters.  Searching the buildings and computers of those companies they learned the locations of many of those hiding underground and storing large caches of food and water.

Using bunker busting bombs and military technology they raided many of these underground bunkers taking many families against their will to FEMA concentration camps and confiscating the supplies and weapons they had.  Killing or maiming anyone along the way without mercy.

Robert Ralston is a person who will do anything to protect his family.  He is a novice  prepper who along with his wife, a daughter, and her daughters friend must survive the loss of many of the things he purchased to prepare for this very situation to the government.  He learns the good and bad of not only his neighbors but of the government as well.  Along the way he will learn from his many mistakes and from his failure to prepare in many areas.

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