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Hi, I am Farrell Kingsley and I am the author of Anonymous Vengeance and the Nine Meals To Anarchy Saga.   I am an avid writer and former ghost writer who has written parts of the popular series on shelves in stores to day.  Due to licensing agreements and Non-Disclosure Agreements I cannot disclose which series or books they are.  However two of the books are currently listed on the Top 10 and one was listed on Opera’s book club.   I decided to break away from ghost writing and write novels for myself.

I started with a novel called Anonymous Vengeance which was a story idea that came to me while editing the script of a movie I was working on.   I worked on that book for the following 5 years before finally publishing it.    This book I felt was one of the most successful books ever in originality, character creation, and complexity.    I really can see this as a movie but have not yet created the script and shopped around Hollywood which is a project I want to tackle this year.

My latest book series is a series on for Prepper Education.   I am an avid prepper myself and have been long before the show “Doomsday Preppers”.    I wanted to educate reader through fictional and exciting events on what could happen in their lifetimes and how best to prepare for it.    Book 1 in the Nine Meals To Anarchy series deals with multiple events including an EMP and how to prepare for it.   The main character Robert is a prepper who has prepared for many years as a prepper and still has issues to deal with.

Book 2 called Nine Meals To Anarchy: Grid Down is the first of two books on the topic.   This book is a what-if Saga on what would happen in the event that terrorists attacked the power grid.   This is a very real possibility in the United States.   The main character Robert in this book must secure and help his family on what he had at home.   He did prepare somewhat but due to a series of events in the beginning of the book he lost his preparedness items.

Currently I am working on Book 3 in the series and the audio books for the Nine Meals To Anarchy series and Anonymous Vengeance should be available this year as well.   Keep checking back on this website to see new updates.


—Farrell Kingsley

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