Audio Book Released On January 15, 2015

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Farrell Kingley’s Nine Meals To Anarchy will be released as an Audio Book on Amazon and Audible on January 15, 2015.   This audio book narrated by Jim Donaldson is one of the best audio books we have ever created.   The audio follows the course of the book with an exciting story to educate preppers and survivalists on how to prepare for any calamity.

Get tips, tricks, and know how on what’s most important to you to help you survive almost any calamity.

Check Out The Survival Tab!

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Look under the Survival Tab on the website and get a list of Farrell Kingsley most loved prepping articles.

Nine Meals To Anarchy Book 2 Now Available

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Farrell Kingsley’s run away “Prepper’s Eductional Fiction” book Grid Down which is the second book in the series but “Part 1” of the Grid Down Saga is now available on line.   The audio book is scheduled to be released June 1, 2015.

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